Social Media Graphics

ClientBrianza Gardens and Winery
SkillsPhotography / Design / Social Media

Social Media Assets

Content, content, content! Businesses are always encouraged to post on social media, and honestly, most business owners I know are too busy running their businesses to create content for their social channels. And I get it. It’s overwhelming!

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work with Brianza Winery for the past few years. And while my sole role there is to manage social media, I don’t feel that I can do that effectively without strong visuals. 


Capturing on-site images and videos is so important in curating a successful social media presence for any local business. To me, this is one of the greatest challenges in outsourcing social media to someone or a company that can’t be on location. Especially for any business in which the experience is so important, like a winery. It’s more than the wine I am capturing, it’s the story of the vineyard. It’s the people who choose to make this little spot in Kentucky a special place. Highlighting what makes Brianza Brianza is truly a joy for me.