Digital Watercolor | Cambodia

digital watercolor monk in Cambodia

Cambodia 2017

Cambodia truly stole our hearts. Not only was the exploration of Angkor Wat one of the best experiences of our lives, but the people are also incredibly welcoming and the food was some of the best we’ve ever had! 

While we were only able to stay around the Siem Reap area, we very much look forward to returning one day and seeing more of this amazing country. 

This digital watercolor is from an image I took of a monk walking with an umbrella at a nearby temple. Pulling in my travel photos to recreate them in this way is such a joy! Not only do I get to play with the way watercolor is created in a digital format, but I get to relive these moments. These moments are truly what makes travel so special. Just that little snapshot of time that will never exist again. They’re worth remembering.