CBD Oil Packaging

ClientPortfolio Building Project
SkillsLogo Design, Package Design

CBD Oil Packaging

CBD Oil has become a booming industry. CBD Oil stores and products are popping up everywhere! 

Using old apothecary bottles and typefaces from the early 1900’s, I created a CBD line that I could see being marketed today. 

This product design was for a challenge in my design course. This submission won Best in Show for the use of font pairing from over 50 submissions. 

Product Packaging Design

Product packaging design presents it’s own set of challenges, but who doesn’t love a good challenge? Huh?!

If you have a physical product to sell, how you present it to the world matters. Shoppers will make a split-second decision about how they feel about a product. Sometimes that’s all the time you get. 
Think about it. Who has ever bought a bottle of wine or face wash based solely on the label? *raises hand*